My Workshops offer you the chance to explore certain aspects of Yoga more Deeply. A fun learning environment a great chance to socialise and meet new people. I run them every 2 months on many varied subjects.DSCN1484

Next Workshop

Sunday 19th May 2019 09.45am-12.45pm at Colwick Community Centre NG4 2GP

“Moving towards deeper Forward Bends”                 £25                           

A 3 hour yoga workshop designed to improve your ability to forward bend.

A forward bend is often a nemesis pose for Yoga Students and can be quite uncomfortable. This practice will teach you how to approach a forward bend in a safe environment and through preparation will help to increase the movement in your pelvis and legs allowing you to achieve a deeper forward bend.

The focus will be on preparation rather than working completely on forward bends with a variety of  movements including twists and back bends. There will be a mixture of strength and flexibility work using props and support as necessary.

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