One on One

Why a One On One Session?

A private session allows for a more intimate view into YOUR practice. You can start a new practice, deepen your current practice or spend some time working with an injury or specific goal or concern.

6 Benefits to one on one Yoga

  1. Grasping the basics of yoga (3+sessions recommended)
  2. Develop confidence to practice in group settings
  3. Receive one on one attention in a private space
  4. Private yoga classes are the perfect way to work with special health concerns, injuries, or any other limitations you may experience.
  5. Cultivate a therapeutic practice to manage or improve health issues such as anxiety, insomnia or low back pain.
  6. Private yoga classes can offer a highly viable option if you have set a specific goal – whether it’s mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. With a specific goal in mind, I will tailor and create specific practices for you designed to help meet your goals.