My yoga journey began with my love for my horses, I would ride everyday if I could, competing in Cross Country Events when time and money allowed. As my life evolved and having a love of the Human Body, I trained and became a nurse, grew up a little, became a wife and mother, ran a family business and then began to notice niggles. Niggles became stress and pain in my lower back, a circle that I lived with for some time, all of which I just put down to getting a bit older with life taking its toll, eventually my Chiropractor at the time suggested I consider taking up yoga to help with the pain.


I, like many others thought that it would be a purely physical exercise, how wrong I was. There was the physical side, the breath work, the meditation a practice which considered the whole body. I would love to say I took it all on board and was an immediate convert. That is not the case. I dipped in and out for some time.


In 2008 my Stress and Anxiety resurfaced, I gained weight and my back pain returned. I turned to Yoga as a release. I found a new teacher, began to practice more regularly. Very quickly my back pain began to ease, but the most startling factor which has changed my life was that after a few months I felt mentally stronger and better able to cope. This was when I decided to train to become a Yoga Teacher to help others and my journey along this path began.


I’ve found that over time my Teaching has evolved and find that more and more that I’m helping others who are in a similar situation as I was, suffering from Stress and Anxiety. Seeing someone who feels relaxed and rejuvenated at the end of a practice makes my day.

Some testimonials:

“I love yoga classes with Liz, they are varied, and work all parts of the body. I particularly like the way Liz gives options on each posture to suit beginners and those with more experience.” -Jeannine King

“Liz is a dedicated Yoga Teacher, I’ve been going to her classes for a few years. Liz sets us new challenges most weeks, her classes are tailored to each level without making you feel singled out. Whether it’s your first class or one of many, you will certainly feel the benefits.” – Wendy-Sue Burton

“Forget replacing your mattress, after an hour with Liz the hard floor of a gym is the most comfortable and relaxing place in the world. Not sure how that works, but the stresses of the day just melt away. It even beats a G&T, amazing!” – Sue Davey

“Liz is both a lovely person, and an inspiration.  There is literally no one I would not recommend her to as a Yoga Teacher” – Jo McCarthy